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Concerns Arise Regarding Stanley Road in Primrose



Concerns Arise Regarding Stanley Road in Primrose

Stanley Road in Primrose continues to be a source of worry for motorists, with recurring concerns about recycling activities along the route. Earlier reports from April and May highlighted drivers’ frustrations regarding these activities.

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Once again, motorists are voicing apprehensions, citing the recycling operations on the roadside as a hazard to drivers. Complaints include recyclers burning rubbish and emitting smoke that serves as an additional distraction to drivers. The influx of more recyclers has led to an accumulation of waste along the road.

A recent visit to the area by GCN revealed a significant amount of rubbish, with recyclers sorting cardboard, plastic bottles, and glass. Sfiso Nkosi, a frequent road user, expressed the need for control in the situation, emphasising the danger posed by recyclers navigating trolleys across the road during rush hours.

While acknowledging the importance of recycling for income, Nkosi stressed that a main road is not an appropriate location for such activities due to the increased risk of accidents. Another driver, Shaun Mathews, shared concerns about the safety of recyclers positioned on the edge of the road, with trolleys often encroaching onto the road.


In addition to safety issues, recycling in the area appears to contribute to illegal dumping, transforming the surroundings into an unofficial dumping site. Lieutenant Colonel Kelebogile Thepa, previously a spokesperson for EMPD, acknowledged awareness of the Stanley Road problem, noting ongoing monitoring and plans to address the matter.

With concerns intensifying, GCN has reached out to the city and EMPD for updated information on their plans to tackle the worsening situation and address the growing concerns raised by motorists.

Source: Stanley Road in Primrose is a cause for concern

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