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Concerns raised by local councillors on R24



Heather Hart -Concerns raised by local councillors on R24

The lack of fencing along the R24 has been a growing concern for councillors and residents of Edenvale for close to 10 years but has worsened over the past year. The lack of fencing has exposed pedestrians, businesses and residents to potential danger, particularly as taxis and transport vehicles frequently stop along the highway to pick up or drop off commuters. Additionally, community members can cross the R24 freely from either side, putting themselves at risk as reported by Bedfordview and Edenvale News.

The lighting along the highway compounds the problem and needs to be fixed, with the Apollo lighting between the Edenvale and Barbara road bridges failing to function as it should. This is believed to be due to cable theft, a common issue in South Africa. Furthermore, the road markings along the R24 could be better, making it easier for drivers to navigate safely.

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While the lack of fencing is primarily caused by vehicle collisions, metal theft, and a lack of maintenance, the ongoing Rand Water project between the R24 and Minuach Road has also contributed to the issue. The project aims to replace a leaking 3km portion of the H5 pipeline running from Hurleyvale to Kelvin but has experienced delays. This has prevented Rand Water from repairing the fencing that lines the border of the R24 Eastbound, leading to concerns from councillors and residents alike.

Ward 18’s Ald Heather Hart has suggested that concrete palisade walls would be a better solution to the problem, as they are less likely to be stolen for scrap metal and harder to push over. Ward 92 Clr Kade Guerreiro has also raised concerns about recently installed valves on the new pipeline, which could pose a risk to motorists who veer off the road. However, despite repeated requests for comment from the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport and Rand Water, no concrete plans to address the problem have been announced.


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