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Shocking: You Won’t Believe Why Joburg Councillors Refused to Eradicate ‘unsanitary and unsafe’ Toilets!



Why the council meeting voted against the motion for a bucket toilet eradication plan in Johannesburg

The governing party at a council meeting recently voted against the motion for a bucket toilet eradication plan in Johannesburg.

According to News24, the proposal was put forward by Councillor Vhengani Munyai, who stated that it was “disheartening and inhumane” that residents in formalised informal settlements within Johannesburg were still using bucket toilets with no water for handwashing.

The proposal aimed to develop a city-wide bucket toilet eradication plan and redirect the budget towards installing flushing toilets where possible.

The motion was voted against because it referred to a bucket system, which the City of Johannesburg claims not to have. However, the chemical toilets the city has provided to informal settlements have yet to be covered by essential sanitation services.

The eradication of chemical toilets is dependent on the formalisation of these settlements.


The EFF also proposed a similar motion that the council rejected due to the wording.

The issue remains a matter of service delivery and sanitation in poor communities.

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Picture: Twitter / ActionSA_JHB

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