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Joburg Water Announces Major Breakthrough: Water Flow Finally Restored to Previously Affected Areas



Joburg Water improves water flow in affected areas

Joburg Water has reported steady improvements in the Crown Gardens system after a pump failure at Rand Water’s Eikenhof station severely affected it. While the system is not yet back up to standard levels, the entity can provide water flows throughout the day as inflows from Rand Water improve.

According to Joburg Water’s spokesperson, Puleng Mopeli, the Crown Gardens towers’ water levels have improved. However, the reservoir is still struggling with 2.2m of water levels. As a result, while low-lying areas have water supplies, high-lying ones receive low flows, with some streets in Robertsham experiencing no water.

Southern Courier reported that Mopeli revealed that Rand Water’s inflows were above average on Monday, at 21 megalitres per day, with expected flows being 18 megalitres per day. Joburg Water anticipates that expected flows will be restored by Tuesday next week if these flows continue. As a result, Joburg Water has opened The Crown Gardens reservoir to 100% capacity and will monitor it.

Joburg Water has experienced flows of more than 2,500 megalitres per day on the Commando system, comprising Hursthill, Brixton, and Crosby. However, the Hursthill system is still battling with capacity, and high-lying areas fed by the reservoirs are getting intermittent to no water supply. Mopeli noted that the Brixton system is stabilising, and Joburg Water has opened the reservoir to 50%.

Joburg Water continues to provide alternative supply to residents with no water or poor water pressure, with 16 roaming tankers and 12 stationary tankers already deployed.


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Picture: Pexels / Sora Shimazaki

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