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COPE Advocates for Constitutional Amendment to Enable Direct Presidential Voting by Citizens



cope wants the constitution to be amended

In a significant move, the COPE wants the Constitution to be amended to enable citizens to vote for presidents, premiers, and mayors directly, departing from the current electoral system where votes are cast for parties, and party representatives appoint government leaders, according to EWN.

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During a media briefing at the provincial headquarters in Johannesburg, COPE outlined its proposal to reshape the electoral landscape. Erick Mohlapamaswi, the party’s general secretary, highlighted their goal of fostering accountability directly to the people rather than party interests.

Expressing concern about the prevailing scenario where party leaders are shielded at the expense of the public, Mohlapamaswi stated, “We feel because they have been accounting to their political parties, we need a leader who is accountable to South Africans as a whole. If he does something wrong, South Africans can hold them accountable.” COPE’s initiative aims to enhance transparency and ensure elected leaders remain answerable to the broader South African population.

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