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Load Shedding Confirms DA’s Call for SA to Be Rescued from ANC Governance



Load shedding

Load shedding has made an untimely return, with Eskom announcing the reinstatement of rolling blackouts stages 2 and 3 on New Year’s Day. Jacaranda FM reports that this setback is due to three generating units (2,148MW) not returning online as expected, throwing the nation into an immediate power crisis less than 24 hours into the new year. According to the DA’s Samantha Graham-Maré, this resurgence of load shedding is a stark confirmation that South Africans urgently need to be rescued from the ANC-led government.

Graham-Maré expressed her concern. The brief break from power cuts during the festive season resulted from reduced holiday economic activity. Graham-Maré said that the return of load shedding was the ANC’s “cynical New Year’s gift to South Africa.” 2023 had the highest levels of power cuts in the national history. The quick resumption of load shedding at the beginning of the year raises concerns that the power crisis might escalate further.

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For Graham-Maré, this situation serves as a reminder that 2024 must be the year voters reconsider the ANC’s majority at the ballot box. She attributed the collapse of the electricity system and associated challenges to decades of ANC corruption and mismanagement. Graham-Maré emphasised that as long as the ANC retains its majority in Parliament, fundamental issues such as load shedding, unemployment, the cost of living, and violent crime will persist. She concluded that the only viable solution to end load shedding is for voters to seize the opportunity presented by the 2024 election and replace the ANC with a new national government anchored by the DA.

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