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ANC Faces D-Day Deadline to Submit Outstanding Cadre Deployment Documents



cadre deployment documents

The ANC faces D-Day to deliver the outstanding cadre deployment documents demanded by the DA. According to the DA, the ANC must submit all documents related to cadre deployment committee meetings dating back to January 2013 by the end of Monday. Jacaranda FM reports that failure to comply will result in the DA launching a contempt court application.

Despite the ruling party handing over some documents per the Constitutional Court order last week, the DA alleges crucial information is missing. DA leader John Steenhuisen criticised the ANC for redacting documents extensively and failing to provide a comprehensive list of decisions made by the committee. Steenhuisen accused the ANC of impermissible restrictions on communication dissemination and providing illegible documents.

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The DA believes President Cyril Ramaphosa bears responsibility for the operations as the committee chairperson during part of the period in question. However, they claim he failed to confirm through an affidavit that he has no relevant documents or information. Steenhuisen highlighted the ANC’s failure to provide minutes that were not formally adopted, contrary to the court order’s requirements.

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