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De Ruyter silent on corrupt minister’s identity



AwakeMzansi -De Ruyter silent on corrupt minister's identity

Former CEO of Eskom, André de Ruyter, has refused to reveal the identities of individuals alleged to be involved in corrupt activities at the utility, stating that the allegations are under investigation. De Ruyter recently made headlines with his appearance before Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts, where he addressed his explosive claims of criminal activity at Eskom involving a high-ranking politician and the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party as reported by Jacarandafm.

During a television interview, he had made serious allegations regarding corruption at the utility, which prompted an investigation into the matter. His appearance before the committee was eagerly anticipated as it offered an opportunity for further insight into the ongoing investigation and the nature of the allegations.

De Ruyter told committee members that he could not reveal the identities of his sources for the allegations as they had legitimate reasons to fear for their safety. He also highlighted the sensitivity and complexity of the allegations, as well as the potential negative impact of compromising the ongoing investigation.

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The ex-CEO asserted that he would not want to impede justice by revealing information that could jeopardize the arrest and prosecution of those involved in the alleged corrupt activities since the investigations are still in progress, and the proceedings are publicly known.


De Ruyter’s appearance before the committee has sparked worries about the scale of corruption at Eskom and the urgency of increased openness and responsibility in the public sphere. With the utility grappling with multiple corruption scandals in recent times, public disapproval and demands for change have been mounting. High-level officials’ revelations of alleged criminality have also raised questions about the ANC’s commitment to rooting out corruption within its ranks.

The assertions made by De Ruyter have prompted the South African public and opposition parties to demand a comprehensive inquiry and to ensure that those involved are held responsible for their conduct. The ongoing investigation is expected to shed further light on the extent of corruption at Eskom and its impact on the utility’s operations and financial stability.

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