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Johannesburg Protest for Palestine Successful



Africa4Palestine -Johannesburg Protest for Palestine Successful

Recently, Africa4Palestine, the largest Palestinian human rights organization in Africa, organized a successful protest in Johannesburg as part of the international Al Quds Day actions. The protest was endorsed by over 35 South African organizations, including trade unions, women’s groups, youth formations, and political parties, and was attended by approximately 500 participants as reported by the Rising Sun Lenasia.

The protest aimed to demand the implementation of the Johannesburg Council’s resolution to change Sandton Drive to Leila Khaled Drive and to urge the government to take harsher measures against Apartheid Israel. Africa4Palestine argued that things have only worsened since the violent escalation of aggression by Israel against Palestinian worshippers at the Al Aqsa compound. Videos and images of Palestinian worshippers being beaten, harassed, unilaterally arrested, and others killed made it urgent for South Africans to show their disdain for Israel’s brutal military occupation of Palestine.

In the memorandum submitted to the executive mayor of Johannesburg, the 35-plus organizations declared their solidarity with the people of Palestine. They urged the city council to implement the council’s decision to rename Sandton Drive to Leila Khaled Drive. Their sole demand was emphasized when they declared that “Israel’s crimes will no longer be carried out under the cover of darkness.”

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Africa4Palestine’s actions are similar to those of the historic global anti-apartheid movement that planned and executed a wave of demonstrations on campuses and cities across the globe in opposition to the Apartheid regime of South Africa. The people of Palestine have been living under apartheid for over 50 years now, and major international human rights organizations have concluded that Israel is an apartheid state.


The protest in Johannesburg for Palestine is just one of many demonstrations that have erupted globally in response to Israel’s recent violent escalation and aggression. Similar actions have taken place in various parts of the world, including Minnesota, Manama, Chicago, London, New York, Tetouan, and other locations.

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Photo: Facebook / @Africa4Palestine

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