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Deadly Hitmen Attack: 10 Killed in Failed Assassination Plot Against Landlord



South African Police Service -Deadly Hitmen Attack- 10 Killed in Failed Assassination Plot against Landlord

A horrifying attack on a house in Pietermaritzburg’s Msunduzi district has claimed the lives of ten people, with two more succumbing to their injuries. The assailants, armed with weapons, entered the house on Sunday searching for the owner, subjecting the occupants to a horrifying ordeal of forced undressing, dousing them with a flammable substance, and setting them ablaze as reported by Opera News.

This disturbing incident is part of a disturbing trend of mass killings in KwaZulu-Natal, prompting authorities to investigate possible links to drug-related activities.

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The shocking nature of the attack has sparked a debate on the appropriate response, with some advocating for the reinstatement of the death penalty as a deterrent.

The investigation and subsequent legal proceedings are crucial in ensuring justice for the victims and their families, and it is vital for society to unite in finding effective measures to prevent such acts of extreme violence.


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Photo: Facebook / @South African Police Service

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