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Tshwane Takes Action to Combat Crime at Voortrekker Monument



Voortrekkermonument -Tshwane Takes Action to Combat Crime at Voortrekker Monument

Tshwane takes action to combat crime at Voortrekker Monument and its surrounding nature reserve. The City of Tshwane has taken the initiative to tackle the issue by clearing long grass in high-risk areas as reported by IOL.

Various stakeholders, including the municipality, the monument authorities, and the Federasie van Afrikaanse Kultuurvereniginge, expressed concern over increasing armed robberies targeting visitors and staff. In response, the MMC for Corporate and Shared Services, Kingsley Wakelin, confirmed that a follow-up meeting was held to address the crime and vandalism affecting the monument.

Wakelin reported significant progress in enhancing security measures and restoring safety to the monument and the surrounding nature reserve. Measures taken so far include controlled grass burning and identifying specific high-risk areas where criminal activities occur frequently. The stakeholders also noted a significant reduction in cable theft in the area.

To further address the security challenges, plans are underway to establish a crime prevention forum involving stakeholders such as the Department of Public Works, the South African Police Service (SAPS), and the City’s cable theft unit within the metro police.

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During the meeting, it was agreed to explore the sponsorship and installation of a fence around the area, with the potential involvement of a private company.

Wakelin emphasized the importance of clarifying the City’s responsibilities and improving the efficiency of cable replacement and maintenance. He also called on the collaboration of the private sector, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and local communities to join hands in protecting valuable infrastructure, including libraries and clinics.

The collective efforts aim to restore safety, preserve local assets, and create a secure environment for all visitors and staff at the Voortrekker Monument and its surroundings.

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Photo: Facebook / @Voortrekkermonument

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