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Deputy Minister Pinky Kekana Targeted by Impersonating Fake TikTok Account



Deputy Minister Pinky Kekana

Deputy Minister Pinky Kekana’s reputation is at risk as the DPME* warns about a fraudulent TikTok account impersonating her. The account, named “Pinky_Kekana3,” uses the Deputy Minister’s name and images, making false promises of teaching followers to trade and earn R56,000 and R67,000. Per SANews, the DPME emphasises that these claims are baseless and are crafted to deceive and defraud unsuspecting citizens.

Setting the record straight, the department asserts that Deputy Minister Kekana does not possess a TikTok account, and neither the Ministry nor the DPME provides any educational trading programs related to making money. In response, the public and stakeholders are strongly advised against following or engaging with the TikTok account “Pinky_Kekana3” to prevent falling prey to unscrupulous fraudsters. The department issued this caution on Sunday to ensure public awareness and safety.

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For accurate and official updates from Deputy Minister Pinky Kekana, individuals are encouraged to refer to her legitimate social media accounts:

*Department of Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation

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Picture: X / SenamileMasango

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