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Derek Watts Carte Blanche Anchor Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis



Derek Watts, the esteemed presenter of Carte Blanche, has made the difficult decision to step back from his work in order to prioritise his health. The announcement was made by Carte Blanche on Sunday, revealing that Watts had been diagnosed with skin cancer that had spread to his lungs as reported by News 24. Despite the challenging circumstances, Watts intends to continue his role on Carte Blanche with the support of his family and medical specialists.

In an official statement, Carte Blanche expressed their unwavering hope and optimism regarding Derek’s journey towards recovery. They expressed complete confidence in the expertise and dedication of his medical team, who will provide the best possible care and support throughout the treatment process.

Watts faced additional health complications when he collapsed during a family trip in Hoedspruit and was subsequently diagnosed with severe sepsis. He underwent extensive rehabilitation with the assistance of a physiotherapist to regain his ability to walk.

In a heartfelt message recorded from his hospital bed on Saturday, Watts provided an update on his health and expressed his intention to return to the show once he fully recovered. He expressed his gratitude to the viewers for their overwhelming love, messages, and prayers, which provided hope for him and his family.

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Carte Blanche Executive Producer, John Webb, acknowledged the tremendous comfort that Derek derived from the thousands of messages he received during his recovery from sepsis. Webb expressed confidence that Derek’s resolve will be strengthened by the continued love and support of those who have been touched by his dedication throughout his career.

M-Net, the broadcasting channel that airs Carte Blanche, also extended their support and well-wishes to Derek Watts. Nomsa Philiso, CEO of General Entertainment, conveyed their thoughts and prayers, emphasising Derek’s significant contribution to investigative journalism and his longstanding commitment to Carte Blanche over the past 36 years. The network pledged to stand by Derek during this challenging time.

Derek Watts, originally from Hillbrow and raised in Bulawayo, began his career in 1985 as part of the SABC News division. He later co-hosted the Top Sport sports magazine show. When M-Net launched Carte Blanche in 1988, Watts transitioned and became the show’s original co-host alongside Ruda Landman. Over the past 35 years, he has fearlessly pursued stories across the globe, from confronting criminals caught in the act to conducting interviews in various locations, ranging from Mount Everest to the nuclear aircraft carrier George Washington during the Gulf War. His contributions have woven an indelible legacy into the fabric of the M-Net brand.

As Derek embarks on his battle against cancer, the entire Carte Blanche team, M-Net, and viewers alike stand united in extending their support, well wishes, and hopes for his strength and recovery.


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