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Legacy of Humility: Derek Watts to be Fondly Remembered



Derek Watts will be remembered for his humility

According to former Carte Blanche producer Bernadette Maguire, Derek Watts will be remembered for his humility.

SABC News reports that Derek Watts, a widely respected veteran journalist, bid his final farewell on Tuesday, leaving a profound impact on journalism and the lives he touched. The announcement of his passing came with the reassurance that he departed peacefully, surrounded by his loved ones.

Carte Blanche, the acclaimed investigative journalism program that Watts had been an integral part of, shared that his desire to prioritise his health drove him to step away from the camera earlier in June.

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For Maguire, who had the privilege of working alongside Watts for over two decades, Watt’s unassuming nature and genuine compassion defined his memory. She reflects on his profound care for fellow human beings, animals, social justice, and the greater good. Maguire emphasises that Watts possessed an exceptional ability to make individuals feel genuinely heard and valued, a quality that set him apart and contributed to his status as a respected journalist.


Many tributes have appeared on social media, see some of them below:


As the outpouring of tributes continues, Macfarlane Moleli, a presenter on Carte Blanche, adds his voice to the chorus of praise for Watts. Moleli highlights Watts as an incredible human being whose presence and influence continue to resonate. Despite the difficulty of accepting the news of his passing, Moleli underscores that Watts’ essence lives on within the hearts and memories of those who had the privilege of knowing him.


Derek Watts’ passing marks the end of an era in journalism. Yet, his indelible impact on the industry and the people he engaged with will remain a testament to his dedication, compassion, and enduring legacy of humility.

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