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Alleged drunk cop arrested after knocking down biker



drunk cop knocked over a biker

A shocking incident involving a Gauteng police officer has come to light, as a video circulating on social media captured how the drunk cop knocked over a biker. TimesLIVE reports that the incident occurred in Proclamation Hill, Pretoria West. It led to the officer’s arrest for drunken driving, according to police spokesperson Col Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi.

Expressing disappointment, Police Commissioner Lt-Gen Elias Mawela condemned the officer’s actions and confirmed that the officer had received criminal charges of drunk driving and internal disciplinary measures. Mawela emphasised that the officer would face the consequences of his actions.

The 90-second video portrays a concerning scene where the officer, still in uniform, is held by a bystander and pressed against a car. The officer attempted to avoid being on camera. In contrast, a biker, reportedly struck by the officer, lies on the ground.

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Witnesses in the video recount how bystanders cornered the officer as he tried to flee the scene following the collision with the female biker. A group of police officers subsequently arrive, attempting to remove the officer from the area. However, the bystanders refused to let them do so, accusing them of aiding the officer’s potential escape.


The reportedly drunken officer concealed his face and escaped into a police van. This incident reminds us of the importance of holding police offers accountable.

The police have requested that the public report officers’ improper behaviour. Such behaviour damages the reputation of the police force and breaks the trust and confidence the public has in law enforcement. The community must then report such behaviour to ensure a safe and responsible police force for all.

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Picture: Twitter / SAPoliceService

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