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South Africa’s Minister of Electricity admits lack of expertise in the field



Ramokgopa admitted his lack of knowledge about electricity

In a recent turn of events, Kgosientso Ramokgopa admitted his lack of knowledge about electricity and the challenges associated with load shedding. During a speech addressed to Eskom workers, Ramokgopa candidly revealed his limited expertise, raising concerns among the public about his suitability to tackle the ongoing issue of load shedding in the country, as per Opera News.

A few months ago, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the creation of a new ministerial position dedicated explicitly to electricity, sparking hope among the South African population. The decision received widespread support from opposition parties. Julius Malema expressed optimism that this appointment would bring about tangible solutions and improved living conditions for the people.

However, doubts have emerged due to Ramokgopa’s admission regarding his lack of expertise in effectively addressing the challenges posed by load shedding. A video of the newly appointed minister’s revelation went viral on Twitter, where he acknowledged that his background in civil engineering fell short of addressing the issue’s complexities. Ramokgoba expressed his reliance on Eskom workers to guide him in taking the necessary steps to mitigate the impact of load shedding and prevent youth unemployment. See the video below:


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Load shedding has long been a persistent issue in South Africa, causing disruptions in citizens’ daily lives and impeding economic growth. In addition, the power cuts implemented by Eskom due to inadequate electricity supply have hindered various industries, resulting in reduced productivity and potential job losses. Therefore, many saw the appointment of a dedicated minister for electricity as a crucial step toward resolving this pressing issue.

Ramokgopa’s admission has raised concerns among the public regarding the government’s ability to address the ongoing power crisis effectively. Many are now questioning whether this appointment will lead to tangible solutions or exacerbate the situation. Scepticism surrounds the minister’s capacity to provide effective leadership and make informed decisions regarding the complex operations of the national power utility.

Given the situation’s urgency, the government must take immediate action in response to the concerns raised by Ramokgopa’s statement. This action should include providing the minister with adequate support, resources, and training to acquire the necessary expertise in the field of electricity swiftly. Furthermore, engaging with experienced professionals and industry experts should be prioritised to ensure a comprehensive and sustainable approach to resolving the load-shedding crisis.

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Picture: Twitter / SiveXaluva

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