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Edenvale Licensing Department back online after three-week hiatus, residents relieved



Edenvale Licensing Department is back online

After three weeks of being offline, the Edenvale Licensing Department is back online, as confirmed by Kelebogile Thepa, the spokesperson for the Edenvale Metropolitan Police Department (EMPD).

According to Thepa, the matter was escalated to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) to address the issue promptly and ensure transparency.
“The system at Edenvale Driver’s License testing section was offline, and we immediately reached out to the RTMC to seek clarification and inform the public about the problem. While we were eagerly awaiting answers, the system came back online on May 10,” she stated.

Thepa also mentioned that it is unsure whether the problem is over or if there could be a potential reoccurrence.

“Regrettably, we have not been able to provide detailed updates as we ourselves are still in the dark regarding the nature of the problem. We have requested the RTMC to shed light on this matter. However, we can confirm that, at present, the system is operational once again, allowing us to resume our licensing services,” Thepa assured.

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The incident has caused inconvenience and frustration among individuals needing licensing services during the downtime. However, with the Edenvale Licensing Department back online, those affected can now proceed with their driver’s license applications and other related processes.

The EMPD urges residents to remain patient and cooperative as they work diligently to ensure a smooth and efficient service. The EMPD is trying to prevent future disruptions and will promptly communicate any updates regarding the situation to the public.

Individuals who had appointments or were affected by the temporary closure should contact the Edenvale Licensing Department directly for further assistance and guidance.

As the Edenvale Licensing Department resumes its operations, it is hoped that the recent downtime will not have a lasting impact on the efficiency of its services. The authorities are committed to resolving any underlying issues and providing a reliable licensing system for the community.

Source: Edenvale Licensing Department back online


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