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Massive pothole repair initiative in townships – Lesufi announces 6 000 workers to take action



6 000 workers would close potholes in the townships

Gauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi, revealed an ambitious plan during the launch of the Cleaning and Greening Expanded Public Works Programme in Dobsonville on Sunday. As per Jacaranda FM, Lesufi announced that 6 000 workers would close potholes in the townships to address the issue of road hazards.

The programme aims to tackle littering and illegal dumping, primarily in townships, informal settlements, and hostels across the province. Lesufi emphasised how important job creation is, saying, “From next week, we are looking for 6000 new people to go and close potholes in our townships. If we can’t give our people jobs, then there is no future for this country.”

In addition to this employment opportunity, Lesufi extended the duration of employment for the workers involved in the cleaning campaign by six months. This extension enables them to continue making a positive impact in their communities.

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This announcement follows the recent launch of a crime-busting unit by Lesufi, which resulted in the employment of six thousand individuals to support the police in their fight against crime in the province. Lesufi’s commitment to creating employment opportunities addresses critical issues within the community. It contributes to Gauteng’s overall development and well-being.


By mobilising a workforce dedicated to closing potholes, the initiative aims to enhance road safety and improve infrastructure in the townships. The employment of 6000 workers demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing community needs while providing valuable job opportunities that empower individuals and contribute to the province’s growth.

Lesufi’s ambitious plans highlight the government’s commitment to building a successful and inclusive society where it prioritises the well-being of all. As the programme progresses in the coming weeks, the government anticipates these initiatives’ positive impact throughout the province, nurturing a sense of pride and community ownership.

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Picture: Twitter / Lesufi

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