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Lack of vehicles hampers EMPD officers’ ability to fight crime effectively



EMPD experiences a lack of vehicles

The EMPD experiences a lack of vehicles, which is severely impacting the response times and effectiveness of police officers in combating crime, according to anonymous officers who spoke to the Boksburg Advertiser. The need for more resources, specifically vehicles, has been a persistent challenge for many officers, with numerous patrol cars remaining unused in garages due to funding constraints and delayed payments to service providers. This situation has resulted in a backlog of vehicle repairs, rendering many inoperable and leaving officers without the necessary means to respond promptly to the rising crime rates and vandalism plaguing the city.

Frustration is growing among officers whose job is to attend to complaints and carry out their duties without the availability of functional vehicles. One officer expressed concern about the limited number of marked patrol vehicles at stations like Boksburg, where one car serves the entire precinct. The lack of vehicles has affected officers’ visibility and ability to control traffic, despite having adequate personnel for strategic deployment. As a result, EMPD officers in Boksburg have resorted to using an unmarked kombi for their traffic duties instead of focusing on crime prevention.

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The issue of insufficient resources and delayed responses has drawn public complaints over time. In 2021, the Advertiser highlighted the significant vehicle shortage faced by the Boksburg precinct, with numerous unroadworthy vehicles awaiting repairs and payments. The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) also voiced its concerns, emphasising the detrimental impact of resource shortages on crime-fighting efforts. ACDP councillor Tambo Mokoena called on the Metro to address the problem, citing increased human resources, improved working conditions, bullet-proof officer vests, and an adequate supply of functional vehicles.

Despite the ongoing challenges EMPD officers face and the calls for action, the Metro has not responded or commented on the matter at publication.


Source: Lack of vehicles hampers EMPD officers’ ability to fight crime effectively

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