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EMPD Urges Learner Safety in School Holidays



EMPD Urges Learner Safety in School Holidays

With schools on holiday break, the EMPD Social Crime Prevention Unit (SCPU) is emphasising the importance of community vigilance and child safety.

Key concerns include neglect, child abuse, and cyberbullying.

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SCPU officers are intensifying their efforts to educate both children and parents through various safety programs, encouraging kids to seek help and guidance from the police.

Here are some crucial safety tips for children during the school holidays:

  1. Encourage them to walk in groups, not alone.
  2. Always inform parents of their whereabouts.
  3. Advise against communicating with strangers.
  4. Stay away from parks where groups engage in smoking and drinking.
  5. Lock gates and doors when indoors.
  6. Turn off appliances during load-shedding.
  7. Don’t leave keys easily accessible in the yard.
  8. If they need to go somewhere, have them go with a neighbour.
  9. Never open the door for unknown individuals, whether in uniform or not.
  10. Keep medication out of children’s reach.
  11. Teach them that they should look for security or a shop assistant if they get lost while shopping.
  12. Ensure candles and matches are not accessible to children.
  13. When you’re not home, make sure a trustworthy adult is supervising.

The EMPD Social Crime Prevention Unit wishes all children a safe and enjoyable holiday before the final school term begins.

Source: EMPD cautions safety for learners during school holidays

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