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Equipment of illegal miners destroyed in Alberton raid



Equipment of illegal miners destroyed in Alberton raid

During Operation Shanela, a joint effort led by Alberton SAPS acting VISPOL commander Captain Morris Hlabangwane, law enforcement entities successfully recovered illegal mining equipment in Alberton. The operation, involving 86 members from Alberton SAPS, EMPD, and crime prevention wardens, utilised 27 vehicles for enhanced visibility to curb crime in the area.

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Upon noticing the operation, alleged illegal miners abandoned their vehicle and fled the scene, leaving their equipment behind. The recovered materials were confiscated and subsequently destroyed at the nearest scrapyard to prevent their reuse.

Captain Manare Ramotshela, spokesperson for Alberton SAPS, emphasised the importance of community cooperation in providing information to apprehend the fleeing illegal miners. Over 100 individuals were arrested for various crimes during the operation.

Ramotshela expressed gratitude to the participants and stakeholders, highlighting the operation’s objective to safeguard the community and maintain public safety. The decisive action taken against illegal mining activities reflects the commitment of law enforcement to address and mitigate such concerns in the region.


Source: Illegal miners’ equipment destroyed in Alberton

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Photo: Supplied by Kathorus Mail

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