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Health Hazards: Dukathole Residents Face Dire Living Conditions



Living conditions in Dukathole

Living conditions in Dukathole have reached a critical point, with residents expressing deep concern about the health hazards posed by sewage flowing down the roads in the area. The situation is particularly dire in block 4, where Zanele Mbele resides, highlighting residents’ unbearable living conditions.

Mbele emphasises the health risks associated with the filth surrounding them, stating, “We are constantly sick because of the filth surrounding us. Our health is at risk.” The overflow of sewage often reaches her doorstep, making it challenging for residents to leave their homes. Of particular concern is the safety of children with no alternative places to play, often engaging near the sewage, posing significant health risks.

Access to clean water is also a considerable challenge for Dukathole residents. Mbele describes the difficulty, saying, “We need to go to the taxi rank to use the public taps and to use the toilets. Life is really difficult for us.”

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Despite an August visit by Executive Mayor Sivuyile Ngodwana, where he acknowledged issues like blocked drains causing sewer water to flow near Dukathole Primary School, the problem persists. Ward Clr Ntuthuzelo Mpambani admits the urgent attention required for the challenges in the area. He highlights ongoing efforts to unblock drains and advocates for community awareness to prevent foreign objects from clogging the system.


Mpambani reveals that blocks 4 and 5 are informal settlements with no services, notably lacking sewer infrastructure. He is actively lobbying the council to address the development of this congested area, suggesting re-blocking as a potential solution. However, he notes the challenges, stating, “Re-blocking is the sole solution to this matter, and as we stand, we are still far from achieving this.”

City of Ekurhuleni spokesperson Zweli Dlamini acknowledges the cleaning efforts by the CoE. Nevertheless, it identifies people as a part of the problem, citing the throwing of foreign objects that clog the system. Dlamini calls for community collaboration to address the issue and mentions Operation Siyakhulula Manje-Namhlanje, launched to deal with sewer blockages across Ekurhuleni.

Regarding the re-blocking program, Dlamini explains that while the CoE has such a program, the specific timing for Dukathole remains uncertain. He cites unauthorised structures as a challenge, hindering municipal efforts to provide essential services to the community.

Source: Living conditions in Dukathole are a health hazard

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