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Challenges Mount as Eric Holdtman Service Centre Closes Amidst Controversy



Eric Holdtman Service Centre

The closure of the Eric Holdtman Service Centre at the Tweedy Park Old Age Home has left many community elders without vital support and resources. Issues with previous management, including alleged wild parties and damage to the building, prompted the centre’s closure last Wednesday.

Residents reported disturbances caused by parties and events rented out at the centre, leading to disruptions and safety concerns. The armed confrontations taking place in the city, the vandalism and robbery going on only added to the victims’ psychological discomfort and overall vulnerability.

The centre was registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) under the supervision of an interim manager and the Department of Social Development (DSD). It was controlled after the previous board of directors was removed due to the accusation of their unconstitutional activities.

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The DSD only concerns itself with the operation management, where it has no authority to govern the renting of the place.
Concerns over the centre’s misuse prompted the DSD to advise against further rentals until a new board is appointed.


Entities such as a church, a hairdresser, and a social club had been utilising the centre’s facilities, but with its closure, they have been forced to cease operations. This has left many elders without access to essential services, including hot meals provided by the centre’s kitchen, which had ceased functioning due to unpaid bills.

Efforts to address these challenges include pursuing a memorandum of agreement between the Ubuntu Luncheon Club and the DSD, allowing for the centre’s reopening once it is renewed. However, until then, the closure of the Eric Holdtman Service Centre has left a significant gap in support for elders in the community, highlighting the need for swift resolution and continued advocacy for vulnerable populations.

Source: Elders suffer without centre

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