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Uncle Sentenced for Sacrificing Nephew in Satanic Ritual



Satanic ritual

A 37-year-old man in Ekangala has been sentenced for killing his one-year-old nephew as the judge found him guilty of abusing the child in a Satanic ritual. According to IOL, Sipho Vincent Maseko’s dreadful act so horrified the community that he was sentenced to imprisonment and deemed to be unfit to use any firearm.

With emotion, she labelled Maseko as a monster and disclosed the extent to which the tragedy had shattered her during the sentencing proceedings. Her testimony was a highlighter of the devastating consequences created by Maseko and the stress and trauma which caused her miscarriage.

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Prosecutor advocate Andre Wilsenach stated that Maseko showed no remorse and that his motive was money-driven, with a push for financial gain. On the contrary, notwithstanding the gravity of his crime, Mr Maseko did not give the impression of being remorseful and took no responsibility for his actions.

Jude Mashudu Munzhelele also shared the prosecution’s remarks against Maseko’s nasty conduct, stressing that society must safeguard the most vulnerable groups. The judge found the vulgar greed of Mr MAseko as inexcusable and sentenced him to be imprisoned for life with no deviation from the mandatory minimum sentence.


The court’s decision is a wake-up call for all responsible for protecting the vulnerable and dealing adequately with perpetrators of such heinous misdeeds. In the wake of the tragedy, there is faith that the justice process will offer comfort to those affected by this needless act of force.

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Picture: Unsplash / Teodor Drobota

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