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NSPCA closely monitoring lion sighted in Hennops area



escaped lion near hennops hiking trail

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) has verified that another predator is on the loose in Gauteng. According to a report by Eyewitness News, someone spotted an escaped lion near Hennops hiking trail along the R511 in Centurion.

This recent big cat escape comes in the wake of several other big cat escapes recently. A tiger was killed after escaping from its holding area south of Johannesburg, while another lion was killed after escaping from its container in the North West.

The NSPCA has called for greater attention to the issue of predators on the loose. “While many people are trying to make light of the situation and joking that perhaps someone is playing a game of Jumanji, it’s actually a serious issue, and the recent report of wild animals on the loose is a matter of concern,” said Keshvi Nair of the NSPCA.

She added that rescue teams are monitoring the situation closely and working with the Tshwane SPCA. “We have been informed of a recent sighting and capture teams are in the area,” she said.

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Picture: Photo by Brayden Stanford via Pexels

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