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Private producer prevented from reducing load shedding by Eskom



Eskom blocks small municipality’s solar use. Johannesburg court rules in favour of Eskom, barring Rural Maintenance Free State from using solar energy to reduce load shedding as reported by Business Tech.

Eskom argues it would set a precedent for similar relief from other customers and prevent it from fulfilling its statutory duty to manage the grid, though evidence needs to be provided.

Rural Maintenance manages electricity distribution in Frankfort, Mafube, through a contract with the local municipality and purchases electricity from local solar farms at a cheaper rate than Eskom.

The court ruling has implications for private initiatives and investment in alternative electricity sources. Eskom’s failure to provide a stable electricity supply has resulted in stage 6 load shedding indefinitely, and experts warn of the risk of higher stages if there is no increase in supply and reduction in demand.

Photo: Facebook / @Eskom Hld SOC Ltd

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