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Eskom Tariff Increase Sparks Voter Outrage Ahead of Polls



Eskom tariff hike

The latest Eskom tariff hike angered voters who were struggling with the high electricity cost of the ongoing load shedding. From April 2024 to the end of March 2025, the rate will increase by 12.74%, which poses a challenge since the sector is already struggling financially, according to IOL. People pay much attention to how a political party handle election issues by giving corresponding solutions.

Unfortunately, the residents and the local business owners suffer the worst, unable to handle the additional costs and high probability of power failure. Shop proprietor Sipho Mkhabela from Orlando, Soweto, is reluctant to accept this as he believes that this will have negative consequences for both the businesses and the customers. In Johannesburg’s CBD, an entrepreneur, Thandiswa Mbatha, shares this view and puts forward what he describes as a “let-down” evident among locals. So is Nomvula Mahal, the Soweto resident, who comes to doubt about the ability of the government to solve the crisis, which seems to impact her family income negatively.

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Political analyst Dr Levy Ndou has noted that these matters significantly affect how individuals perceive politics, affecting the election results. Just like citizens consider the alternatives put forth by political candidates to solve the energy problem and relieve the pressure from their pockets, they listen carefully during campaign speeches. Ndou points out the unity of a plan of action is better than the mere oratory to make the public regain their trust in governance.

In a time of dishonesty, the community turns to officials for help and guidance to get them out of the hole. They will take decisive action in the upcoming elections to shape the country’s energy policies and future course.


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