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Exclusive R3M Samsung TV in Sandton Sparks National Outrage



Samsung -Exclusive R3M Samsung TV in Sandton Sparks National Outrage

Exclusive R3M Samsung TV in Sandton sparks national outrage.The launch of a high-priced Samsung Micro LED TV coincided with Eskom’s load shedding, leaving many unimpressed as reported by Briefly. In addition, South Africans expressed their dissatisfaction as they discovered that the TV was only available in one location at an exorbitant price.

Citizens took to social media to voice their opinions on the costly technology, emphasizing its limited usefulness within South Africa.

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The News24 report highlighted that Samsung unveiled their latest TV model, which ranged in price from 1.4 million to R3 million, depending on the size.

The exclusive availability of the TV was in Kramerville, Sandton, known as Africa’s wealthiest square mile. The introduction of the Samsung TV served as a reminder of the ongoing Eskom disaster, which further dampened people’s enthusiasm. Social media users commented on Twitter that even if they could afford such a luxury item, the frequent power outages caused by load shedding would significantly diminish their viewing experience.

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Photo: Facebook / @Samsung

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