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South Africa Grapples with Severe Weather Chaos



extreme weather battered parts of South Africa

Over the weekend of September 25, extreme weather battered parts of South Africa, leading to a series of disruptive events across the country.

The Western Cape bore the brunt of this meteorological onslaught. Gale-force winds, relentless rainfall, and destructive mudslides hit many regions. Emergency services evacuated different parts of the province to ensure the safety of residents.

KwaZulu-Natal also experienced its share of nature’s fury, with violent storm winds reaching up to 86 km/hr. These fierce winds caused extensive damage to natural landscapes and manufactured structures, leaving destruction in their wake.

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The Eastern Cape now stands on high alert, as weather services have issued warnings of imminent flooding as the turbulent weather pattern shifts in its direction.


Authorities stress the importance of vigilance in areas susceptible to heavy rains and strong winds and urge caution for those travelling in these challenging conditions.

This recent bout of extreme weather is a stark reminder of natural disasters’ erratic and potentially devastating nature, highlighting the crucial need for readiness and safety measures among individuals and communities nationwide.

Source: Extreme weather conditions batter parts of South Africa

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