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Storm Sweeps Through Parts of Gauteng, Leaving Damage in Its Wake



storm hit parts of Gauteng

A storm hit parts of Gauteng, accompanied by strong winds and tore through parts of the province. It left a trail of destruction and power outages.

In Tshwane, the storm’s powerful gusts uprooted trees, and houses bore the brunt of the tempest, with some suffering significant damage, as reported by SowetanLIVE. In Valhalla and Centurion, the destructive forces of the storm were evident, with reports of uprooted trees further exacerbating the situation.

Soshanguve, another affected area, experienced the storm’s fury as well. Three shacks were blown away in Block K, prompting disaster management teams to respond swiftly. Thankfully, affected individuals could seek shelter with neighbours, avoiding the need for alternative accommodation.

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In Block HH of Soshanguve, a house lost its entire roof to the relentless storm. Fortunately, the family residing there found refuge within the parts of the house that remained unscathed, obviating the necessity for additional housing.


Despite the widespread damage and chaos unleashed by the storm, authorities reported no injuries or fatalities. The Tshwane Emergency Management Services and the City of Johannesburg EMS reassured the public that they received no reports of harm, property damage, or loss of life during the tumultuous weather event.

On Tuesday, the South African Weather Service issued a statement underscoring the arrival of the first spring thunderstorms in Gauteng. These storms, characterised by powerful winds but relatively low rainfall, signify the change of seasons in the region. As communities begin the process of recovery and repair after the storm, the importance of vigilance and preparedness for unpredictable weather remains paramount.

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Picture: Facebook / Shirley Van Zyl


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