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Families of Miners Lost at Implats Mine Plead for Support Amid Tragedy



implats mine

The families of the miners who died at Implats mine are urging the company not to overlook their needs as they grapple with the aftermath.

According to EWN, the tragic event unfolded when a lift carrying the mineworkers fell to the bottom of the shaft following a mechanical fault, leaving families shattered by the sudden loss.

A memorial service held at the mine on Wednesday drew thousands of mourners, providing a space for reflection on the lives of the fallen workers. Amid the emotional gathering, families expressed their belief that negligence played a role in the tragic accident and implored the mining company to ease the impact of losing their primary breadwinners.

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During the memorial service, the families were visibly emotional. They raised concerns about the future well-being of the deceased miners’ children. Nolunyisa Ndzuma, a family representative, stressed that adjusting to life without their breadwinners would be an immensely challenging journey.


“We’ve now been left without breadwinners. We’re really in trouble, as the families. The wound this incident has caused is untreatable. Some of us don’t know how we’re going to survive now.”

Management at the Impala Platinum mine has made assurances that they will not neglect the families during this difficult time. The incident has raised questions about mine safety. It underscores the profound impact such tragedies have on the lives of the affected families.

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