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Wattville Congregants Fall Victim to Armed Robbery During Church Service



Wattville congregants

In a distressing incident, armed suspects targeted Wattville congregants during a midweek prayer service at a church, leaving worshippers shaken.

Five armed men entered the Wattville church at approximately 19:40, disrupting the midweek prayer gathering. The suspects, brandishing firearms, instructed the worshippers to lie on the floor, creating a harrowing scene within the sacred space.

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Captain Neldah Sekgobela, the SAPS district communications officer, provided details of the unfortunate event, stating, “The suspects took their cellphones, jewellery, and other valuables worth about R10,000. The victims were then locked inside the church, and the suspects fled the scene.”

Fortunately, no injuries were reported among the congregants who experienced the traumatic robbery. However, the emotional impact of such an incident within the church premises is significant.


Law enforcement swiftly responded to the incident and officially opened a robbery case with aggravating circumstances. Investigations are underway as the community grapples with the shock of armed intruders violating the sacred space of worship.

Source: Armed robbers target Wattville congregants

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