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Blaze Engulfs Gezina Residence: Six-Room Apartment Reduced to Ashes



fire in gezina

A devastating fire in Gezina erupted on Monday night, consuming a six-room apartment building located on 11th Avenue near Laerskool Robert Hicks. Emergency services, responding swiftly to the incident reported at 23:58, managed to bring the intense blaze under control, with all firefighting operations concluded by 02:02 on Tuesday. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, providing a silver lining to the destruction that affected approximately 20 people.

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Deputy Chief Charles Mabaso, spokesperson for Tshwane Emergency Services, revealed that teams from two additional fire stations were dispatched to provide crucial backup in battling the formidable flames. Despite the quick response, the cause of the fire remains undetermined, leaving investigators to unravel the circumstances leading to the destructive incident.

Mabaso highlighted that the cooling down of spot fires continued until the incident was officially closed after 05:00 on Tuesday. While the building suffered extensive damage, disaster management was promptly activated to coordinate relief efforts for the affected individuals, offering support to those grappling with the aftermath of the unfortunate apartment blaze.

Source: Gezina fire destroys six-room apartment


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Picture: Unsplash / Max Kukurudziak

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