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Daveyton Artist on a Mission: Amplifying the Voices of the Voiceless



Daveyton artist

A Daveyton artist determined to give a voice to the voiceless, Ndiphiwe Ngcume, initiated a Gender-Based Violence (GBV) program in April last year after witnessing continuous violence towards victims in the community. Collaborating with photographer Kamohelo Phetla and a local graphic designer, Ngcume employs his artistic photographs to fight the scourge of GBV, depicting its horrors. The artist emphasised the significance of art as a language that can effectively reach the masses, integrating photography, visual art, design, and modelling into his work for broader impact.

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Ngcume shared that the ongoing violence against voiceless victims in the community inspired his GBV program. Attending a conversation hub on violence in Soweto and producing a documentary featuring various artists further fueled his commitment to raising awareness. Beyond his visual artistry, Ngcume is a songwriter, recording artist, and poet with qualifications in marketing management and pursuing studies in Information Technology (IT). For those interested in viewing Ngcume’s work, his Facebook page, Ndiphiwe Ngcume, Instagram handle pwe_nyc, or email at [email protected] provide access to his artistic endeavours.

Source: Daveyton artist determined to give a voice to the voiceless

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Picture: Facebook / Prof: Ndiphiwe Ngcume

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