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Ensure a Stress-Free Return to School for Your Kids: Tips for the First Day After the Holiday



first day of school

As the first day of school beckons, parents can follow some simple tips to ensure a smooth transition for their children.

Mark it down: Consider creating a back-to-school advent calendar, adding an exciting countdown element for your child akin to a Christmas advent calendar. A treat behind each date window can make the anticipation enjoyable.

Bedtime: Gradually reintroduce an earlier bedtime routine at least a week before school starts. Reinstate school-night rules, including reducing sugary treats and limiting screen time before bed. These steps help children ease back into their usual school routines.

Have a chat:

  • Ask them what they’ve missed about school during the holidays and what they look forward to.
  • Discuss their daily routines.
  • Encourage them to share their experiences with their teacher through stories or drawings.

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Storytime: Prioritise a bedtime story related to returning to school or any relevant topic. Creating a story where your child is the main character and their school environment is mentioned can be comforting and entertaining.


Something to look forward to: Build excitement by discussing upcoming school activities, educational trips, or potential leadership roles. Emphasise the positive aspects of the school experience and plan family outings to give them something to anticipate.

Get organised: Initiate a stationery and school clothes check at least two weeks before the first day. Early stationery shopping can be a positive experience for children, boosting their confidence and eagerness for the new school year.

Comfort item: For younger children, especially those starting preschool, consider allowing them to bring a comfort object, also known as a “transitional object.” These objects provide psychological comfort during the adjustment to school.

On the day: Start the day earlier than usual, maintaining routines to ensure a relaxed departure on the first day of school. Early arrival at school reduces stress for everyone, setting a positive tone for the week ahead. Parents should remain composed and self-confident, reassuring their children that everything is under control.

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