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Rea Vaya Services Grind to a Halt as Upset Staff Block Depot Entrance



Rea Vaya

Johannesburg commuters found themselves stranded on Wednesday morning as Rea Vaya declared a suspension of its services due to a labour dispute.

“Passengers are informed that buses are NOT operating today due to labour-related issues between Piotrans and its employees,” explained the bus service in a post on X, as reported by IOL.

“The exit point of the depot has been blocked, and all buses cannot operate. We apologise and advise passengers to use alternative transport.”

Rea Vaya spokesperson Benny Makgoga assured passengers they would be informed when services resume.

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Last month, Piotrans underwent business rescue, with reports from the SA Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) indicating a creditor’s attempt to repossess the company’s buses.

Senior business rescue practitioner Mahier Tayob mentioned plans to dissolve the current board, citing allegations of systemic mismanagement.

Tayob, speaking to the national broadcaster, highlighted the need for proper controls and the existence of nonsensical signed agreements.

Amid this turmoil, the City of Joburg maintains its commitment to Rea Vaya commuters and the uninterrupted continuation of the rapid bus service.

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Picture: X / ZimojaL

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