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Fuel Price Drop Offers Relief for South Africans Under Financial Pressure



fuel prices will decrease on Wednesday

South Africans are in for some petrol pump relief as fuel prices will decrease on Wednesday, following the nation’s celebratory mood after the Rugby World Cup triumph. While the decrease isn’t as extensive as initially anticipated, the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy’s announcement today brings a sense of relief.

Motorists can expect a reduction of nearly R2 per litre for both grades of petrol, bringing the price back below the R25 per litre mark. This decrease marks the first fuel price decrease in four months, offering some financial respite to under-pressure consumers.

However, there’s one exception to the decline, as LP gas is going up by R1.49 per kilogram in terms of the maximum retail price.

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Here are the upcoming price reductions per litre in Gauteng:

  • Both grades of petrol (93 and 95): R1.78
  • Diesel 0.05% sulphur: 85c (wholesale)
  • Diesel 0.005% sulphur: 82c (wholesale)
  • Illuminating paraffin: 97c (wholesale)
  • Illuminating paraffin: R1.30 (single maximum national retail price)

Starting Wednesday, inland prices for 93 petrol will be R23.44, with a coastal price of R22.72. The 95-grade petrol will cost R23.90 inland and R23.18 at the coast. Inland diesel 0.05% will be R24.17, and 0.005% will be R24.40. At the coast the costs will be R23.44 and R23.71, respectively. This decrease offers financial relief to consumers at the fuel pump, which will be a welcome change for many.

Source: Petrol pump relief for under-pressure South Africans

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Picture: Unsplash / Dawn McDonald

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