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South Africans Question Defence of ‘Dr’ Lani as He Maintains Innocence



Matthew Lani's defence attorney

Matthew Lani’s defence attorney, Bongani Mabunda, faces scepticism and questions about his credibility from the South African public as he maintains his client’s innocence.

Briefly News reports that Despite Mabunda’s defence of ‘Dr Lani on national television, many South Africans are unconvinced. They find it hard to believe Mabunda’s claim that his client was merely going to Helen Joseph Hospital to collect medication.

During a video interview shared by eNCA, Mabunda argued that his client, ‘Dr’ Lani, never claimed to be a medical doctor except for his TikTok posts, which he considers a matter of social media and not a criminal offence. He stressed that the case should be judged within the confines of a criminal court, not public opinion.

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Mabunda further doubts the case’s standing in court if examined by a competent prosecutor, which has raised questions from the public.


In response to Mabunda’s defence of ‘Dr’ Lani, South Africans took to social media to voice their concerns. They questioned Mabunda’s qualifications and credibility as a lawyer, drawing parallels between the credibility of the lawyer and that of his client.

Many netizens humorously questioned Mabunda’s legitimacy as a lawyer, calling for a thorough vetting of his legal qualifications, just as ‘Dr’ Lani’s credentials have been scrutinised.

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