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Stay Alert: Exercise Caution at Fuel Stations and Drive-Throughs



Be vigilant at fuel stations and drive-throughs

As the festive season unfolds, the City of Ekurhuleni issues a stern caution to motorists, urging heightened vigilance at fuel stations and drive-throughs, identified as typical hotspots for criminal activities.

Amidst the holiday cheer, various criminal elements become more active, targeting unsuspecting citizens. Surprisingly, fuel stations and drive-through facilities at food outlets have emerged as significant hotspots for criminal acts.

Law enforcement agencies highlight a noticeable surge in robberies, particularly affecting women at fueling stations. Criminals often exploit the goodwill of sympathetic individuals, posing as distressed individuals in need of assistance.

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While the convenience of drive-through facilities is a preference for many during this season, law enforcers highlight the importance of vigilance. Criminals have reportedly adopted a new strategy, barricading targeted victims’ cars while in the queue at drive-throughs to rob them of personal belongings.


By law, private establishments reserve the right of entry. Individuals enter at their own risk. In light of this, law enforcers stress the need for motorists to maintain awareness of their surroundings to avoid becoming victims of crime during this festive season.

Source: Be vigilant at fuel stations and drive-throughs

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