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Hundreds Rally at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Support of Palestine



pro-Palestinian supporters show solidarity at Mary Fitzgerald Square

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian supporters gathered at Mary Fitzgerald Square on Wednesday in Johannesburg, showcasing their solidarity with the people of Palestine. EWN reports that the South African Federation of Trade Unions led the city centre protest.

Amidst a holding truce between Hamas and Israel, marked by the release of many hostages, the demonstration served as a continued voice for the pro-Palestinian cause. The ceasefire, initiated on Friday and extended to Thursday, has seen the exchange of dozens of hostages and prisoners between the conflicting parties.

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Placards raised during the protest expressed condemnation of Israeli air strikes on Gaza, labelling them as genocide and a form of apartheid. A poignant moment was captured when a young boy chanted, ‘Down with Benjamin Netanyahu,’ reflecting the frustration towards Israel’s Prime Minister.

Lourdes Morgado, a pro-Palestine activist, articulated the sentiment behind their protest, stating, “For today, and I have been doing it for many years, what’s happening right now is absolute genocide. Just open murder, that’s what Israel is doing to Palestine people.”


Despite the passionate atmosphere, pro-Palestinian supporters urged political parties present not to make Wednesday’s demonstrations about them, emphasising the broader cause they were championing.

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Picture: Facebook / SAFTU

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