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Elderly Woman Apprehended for Burying Infants in Shallow Grave



Hammanskraal grandmother

Police have taken into custody a Hammanskraal grandmother for laying two babies in a shallow grave. Police spokesperson Commander Bridget Muridvi said the officers were called to the scene of the concealment of the birth incident at a house in Unit 7 following the visit of Home-Based care officials from the Department of Health on 15 March 2024.

“It is common that the officials are notified by the community members that a woman gave birth at home, and if the baby is not at home affairs register, the baby might be regarded as illegal.”

Muridili commented that it transpired that a 32-year-old woman looked like a victim of a triple birth on 8 March 2024 when the preliminary investigation was performed. According to things that came to light, the first of the babies was stillborn, and the other died after two days of bringing it to the world.

“A 32-year-old woman, with the alleged support of her 51-year-old mom, dug a shallow grave in their yard to bury this still born infant two days after the delivery. The same thing happened to the second baby, who died two days later and was also buried in a shallow grave.”

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“(The President said) also the CSI team had arrived on the 16th of March 2024.”

“The mortal bodies of those two kids; a son and a daughter, was uncovered and transported to government’s mortuary.”

The mother is now with her daughter, who survived childbirth, at the hospital, where they both receive medical aid.

“Apartment guardian at the age of 51 has also been jailed to be facing possible charges for defeating the ends of justice. And she will also be charged with concealment of birth as well as defeating the ends of justice.”

Apart from Muridili, it was mentioned that a postmortem examination will be conducted to find out the cause of death.


Source: Grandmother arrested for burying babies in shallow grave

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Picture: Pexels / Martinus

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