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Metro Assures Hammanskraal Residents: Trust in Tanker Water



Hammanskraal residents can trust tanker water

Clean and quality water remains a priority of the multiparty government. Hammanskraal residents can trust tanker water for their consumption.

The water supplied to Hammanskraal residents via tankers has undergone rigorous testing by Tshwane microbiologists to ensure its safety. The tests included checking for foreign elements like ammonia phosphate and nitrates, as well as monitoring pH levels.

According to MMC for Human Settlements Ofentse Madzebatela, the sampled water from New Eersterus met the SA National Standard (SANS) 241: 2015 requirements with a 100% compliance rate.

The tested mobile water tankers serve various areas, including Spin City, Trust Farm, Phophola, Phomolong, Hammanskraal ext. 2, Kanana, Nkandla, Chris Hani Block G, Kudube Unit 10, Hammanskraal Portion 9, New Eersterust ext. 8, Marikana, and Soutpan.

Madzebatela highlighted the metro’s commitment to bringing tap water to every household through a long-term plan.


While the process is ongoing, the metro ensures continuous testing in all regions of Tshwane to guarantee that residents receive the highest quality of water via mobile tankers.

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Madzebatela extended his gratitude to the microbiologist team for their swift response and dedicated efforts in addressing concerns about the water’s quality, reiterating that providing clean water remains a top priority for the multiparty government.

The city delivers rudimentary water through 278 mobile water tankers to identified informal settlements in the seven regions, benefiting 293,527 households.

The distribution of water tankers per region is as follows:

  • Region 1: 46
  • Region 2: 52
  • Region 3: 39
  • Region 4: 24
  • Region 5: 53
  • Region 6: 33
  • Region 7: 31

The water quality in Hammanskraal has been a longstanding issue, with some areas relying on tanker deliveries. Tshwane mayor Cilliers Brink previously noted that the metro was committed to resolving this problem and allocated a substantial portion of its budget to refurbishing the Rooiwal wastewater treatment plant, the primary source of piped water in the area. A budget of R450 million over the next three years, or R150 million per year, has been earmarked for this essential project.

Source: Hammanskraal residents can trust tanker water – metro

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