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Herman Mashaba Exposes Nigerian with Fake South African ID in UK



Herman Mashaba has shared a video and narrative of a Nigerian individual apprehended in the United Kingdom with a counterfeit South African ID. Mashaba shared this evidence to emphasise his stance that the Home Affairs department is not doing enough to safeguard the identities of South African citizens from theft as reported by Opera News.

He stated, “This video is an excerpt from a UK Policing program called Genuine Responders, showcasing the arrest of a Nigerian national in possession of a fake South African identification. It highlights how South African passports are frequently forged, often for malicious purposes.” Mashaba, along with his political party ActionSA, has been at the forefront of demanding stricter immigration regulations and the reduction of foreign influx, particularly illegal workers and undocumented travellers, into South Africa. This has been one of the key principles of their party.

Mashaba expressed outrage at the widespread fraudulent acquisition of South African identities, even by terrorist organisations, and stressed that it should be a matter of serious concern for every law-abiding South African. He added, “This is not a new issue and should be treated with grave concern.”

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A 2011 report by @ISSAfrica revealed how terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda, have targeted South African passports, compromising their integrity. This condemns @HomeAffairsSA, whose officials have been implicated in passport fraud networks.


As a result, law-abiding South Africans face increasing restrictions when travelling on South African passports. Due to Mashaba’s views, he is often criticised as a xenophobic leader, an afro phobe, or a political opportunist seeking to garner votes through emotions. However, like Gayton McKenzie, Herman Mashaba continues to promote his ideologies of tightening immigration regulations.


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Photo: YouTube / @Real Responders

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