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Potato Prices Soar: Stats SA Reports Highest Annual and Monthly Inflation Rates



high price of potatoes

Amidst the ongoing struggle consumers face with the escalating food and transportation costs, the high price of potatoes has become a notable concern. As per EWN, the CPI* rose 5.9% in October from 5.4% in September. It is the highest inflation rate since May.

There was a spike in the cost of eggs, driven by increased demand for poultry products due to Avian flu. A tray of six eggs reached nearly R25 during this period. Western Cape and Gauteng consumers have felt the brunt of rising poultry product prices.

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However, overshadowed by the focus on soaring egg prices, the substantial increase in potato costs has largely escaped attention. In October alone, the average price of potatoes surged by almost R10 per kilogram, reaching close to R23 per kilogram. Patrick Kelly of Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) reported, “Potatoes claim the title for this month’s product with the highest annual and monthly inflation rates.”

Stats SA highlighted the volatility of inflation for fruits and vegetables, noting double-digit increases in sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and pumpkins.


*Consumer Price Index

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Picture: Pixabay / Christos Giakkas

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