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Benoni SPCA Expresses Gratitude for Generous Donation of Wooden Pallets



Benoni SPCA

After their appeal last month, the Benoni SPCA staff thanked the public who donated wooden pallets.

According to the manager, Jacques Cronje, they have received over 400 pallets so far. “We had truckloads of pallets arriving at the society every day. We are overwhelmed by the response we received from the public and are thankful,” Cronje said.

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Cronje highlighted the wooden pallets are used as beds to keep their animals off the floor. “With the rain season upon us, we cannot bear the thought of our dogs trying to sleep on sopping wet blankets,” said Cronje.

The SPCA is still appealing for wooden pallets. Anyone who will assist can contact the Benoni SPCA on 011 894 2814.


Source: Benoni SPCA thankful for donation of wooden pallets

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