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Speaking Out: Family Shares Account of Attempted Hijacking Ordeal



hijacking ordeal in Monument

In a shocking turn, the chaos of an armed robbery on August 15 escalated to a hijacking ordeal in Monument. The victims of this attempted hijacking, the *Rogers family, opened up to Krugersdorp News about their terrifying ordeal.

The day unfolded with a tip-off received by police patrollers around 12:45, alerting them to four robbers engaged in an armed robbery near a local supermarket. A subsequent high-speed chase ensued along Voortrekker Road, culminating in a crash near a complex on Simon Bekker Street in Rangeview.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Senne Mogotlane, the robbers fired at the police vehicle, leading to the crash. Swift police response saw two more cars joining the pursuit, with the suspects eventually abandoning their vehicle, leaping over an electric fence, and taking refuge within a residential home. Subsequent capture resulted in their arrest, with their firearms seized as evidence.

As the tense situation ended with the suspects’ apprehension, a separate drama unfolded nearby. Moments before their arrest, one of the alleged robbers attempted to hijack a family within another complex.

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For the *Rogers family, the day took an unforeseen turn when *Peter arrived to collect his mother-in-law and niece. While assisting them with their luggage, a man brandishing a firearm charged them, demanding Peter surrender his car keys. Quick thinking allowed Peter to thwart the attempt by tossing the keys over a wall, preventing the thief from making off with the vehicle. The confrontation ended in less than a minute, and the suspect fled.

Remarkably unfazed by the encounter, Peter recounted, “I was not stressed. The whole thing happened so quickly, I am not fearful, but I will certainly be more vigilant in similar situations in the future.”

Despite emerging unscathed, Peter underscored the importance of bolstering security measures in the complex. He urged a thorough review of gate security protocols to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.

“They certainly need to look at why the gate was able to be re-opened after we drove in, and possibly make some changes to ensure that it’s more secure in the future.”

Despite the unsettling experience, Peter expressed appreciation for the police’s swift response and actions taken against the alleged robbers. Given the severe prevalent crime rates, he and his family are thankful for law enforcement’s efforts in maintaining safety.



Source: Family speaks out after attempted hijacking ordeal

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Picture: Unsplash / Max Kleinen


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