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MMC Takes Lead in Operation to Cut Off Illegal Connections in Kya Sand



illegal power connections in Kya Sand

Taking a firm stance against unauthorised power access, City Power, supported by Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) officers, executed a disconnection operation targeting illegal power connections in Kya Sand Industrial Park.

This determined effort to eradicate illegal power connections saw officials from the Randburg Service Delivery Centre, led by MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Service Jack Sekwaila, intervening on August 18. These unauthorised connections, called izinyoka, were systematically disconnected from the industrial park.

Sekwaila shared that a previous visit to the industrial park on August 17, alongside MMC for Finance Dada Morero, involved inspecting the premises and engaging with business owners who had raised concerns about the unauthorised power hookups. Stressing the significance of revenue generated from businesses operating in the area, Sekwaila highlighted that the city heavily relies on this income.

The operation’s objective wasn’t just to disconnect the illegal cables and signal City Power’s commitment to addressing the business community’s concerns. As part of this endeavour, the utility will implement a new security system to clamp down on electricity theft criminals in the upcoming weeks.

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During the operation, officials disengaged approximately 4km of aerial bundle cables from six warehouses. City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena stated that the move aimed to move mini-substations inside the business parks, rendering them less accessible for unauthorised connections.

Mangena emphasised the importance of maintaining a stable electrical system for the well-being of businesses and the broader community. He pointed out that these unauthorised connections overload the system, resulting in network disruptions that jeopardise the system’s integrity and damage electrical appliances.

Mangena revealed that City Power’s losses due to illegal connections amount to around R4 billion annually, stressing the severity of this financial drain. These funds could otherwise go to infrastructure and expanding access to legal electricity.

Looking ahead, City Power plans to extend its cut-off operations to informal settlements to remove the cables and wires used for unauthorised connections. JMPD spokesperson Xolani Fihla confirmed that JMPD officers played a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of officials during the operation, underscoring the collaborative effort to address this pressing issue.

Source: MMC leads the cut-off operation of illegal connections in Kya Sand


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Picture: Facebook / City Power Johannesburg – Official_Page

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