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How to take advantage of FlySafair’s R9 deal: A quick guide



FlySafair, a local airline, is once again creating a buzz with its annual low-price sale. The airline will sell 50,000 domestic tickets for only R9 on May 3rd at 9:00 am. According to a FlySafair statement, these R9 tickets are available only on their website and randomly placed while all other flights are discounted at 30% as reported by News 24.

Once customers visit the FlySafair website, they will be placed in a waiting room to manage traffic on the site. Every minute, a selected number of customers will gain access to the website for booking. Customers can only book flights between May 3rd, 2023, and November 30th, 2023.

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The sale will end once all 50,000 tickets have been sold. All airport taxes and VAT are included in the R9 tickets, but any additional services such as checked luggage, priority boarding, and seat pre-selection are excluded.

According to Kirby Gordon, FlySafair’s Chief Marketing Officer, 750,000 people were in the waiting room before the sale had even started. As of 11:00, half of the R9 tickets had been sold, with roughly 25,000 still available. The sale has been going well, with the traffic on the website starting slower and then scaling up to add more people as long as the systems remain stable. FlySafair, the local airline with the largest route network among all low-cost airlines in South Africa, was established by Safair Operations, a leading global player in the aviation industry for over five decades, according to the company’s website.


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Photo: Facebook / @FlySafair

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