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Exploring the Shadowy Realm of Human Trafficking



human trafficking

A window into the dark world of human trafficking opens with Lisa Becker’s “The Blue Door,” shedding light on the reality of human trafficking and toxic relationships. A harrowing tale of love, deception, and the realities of human trafficking has emerged from the pen of South African author Lisa Becker. Lisa Becker, the vice-chairperson of HUGE Sustainable Development Association and the CEO of Firelion Media, will make a second tour stop for her book titled “The Blue Door” in Alexandra on April 20. The novel, inspired by real-life events, aims to bring light to the prevalence of trafficking and abusive relationships in modern society.

In the novel, Jessica Van Rooyen meets Dylan Armstrong in the bar where she works in London. After a few romantic dates and a couple of phone calls, she moves to El Paso, Texas. She soon finds nothing is like he promised, forcing her into a business suit. All the artistic flair in her soul is slowly snuffed out until she meets Benjamin. Jessica has nighttime dreams in real life, where she meets people and goes to places she envisages. Benjamin has a tea store with handmade items from around the world. Benjamin is a man of faith, believing God was giving her instructions at night. He guides her to discover what some of her dreams mean, leading her to the Texas border. There, her eyes are opened to the level of human trafficking that is going on.

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When offered a shiny engagement ring and a state-of-the-art house, Jessica has to decide if she wants to marry a man who can provide her with all the easy living and luxuries of this world or a man who wants to challenge her to make a difference in the lives of many underprivileged children worldwide. Through Becker’s depiction of Jessica’s transformation, readers are given a chilling portrayal of the world of human trafficking, where you can experience the fear, desperation, and resilience of the women who become affected by this deadly web. Through Becker’s narrative of an abusive relationship, she wants to help spread the word concerning risks associated with toxic relationships and human trafficking.

“I wanted to create a story that would show women the red flags of a toxic relationship and also open the world’s eye to the human trafficking that is taking place every day right under their noses. “This novel was written to inspire women to speak up. Women put up with subtle forms of emotional abuse until they lose themselves to please a man thinking ‘If I dull my shine he will shine brighter’.”


Source: A window into the dark world of human trafficking

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Picture: Meta / Lisa Jane Becker

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