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Men Rescued from Germiston ‘Prison’ in Human Trafficking Operation



human trafficking in Germiston

A disturbing case of human trafficking in Germiston is under investigation. It raises concerns due to its similarities with a recent human trafficking incident in Benoni. In this recent incident, more than 100 men, the youngest believed to be around 10 years old, were discovered confined within a house on School Avenue in Sunnyridge, Ekurhuleni.

The police made this distressing discovery during a raid on the property conducted on a Friday morning at approximately 10:00. Colonel Katlego Mogale, the spokesperson for the Hawks, has confirmed that an active case of human trafficking is now the subject of investigation.

However, authorities must still release further details regarding the case. Tracy Enslin, the chairperson of the Primrose Community Policing Forum (CPF), shed some light on the situation, revealing that the men primarily comprised Ethiopians, with a small contingent of four Malawians among them. The deplorable conditions in which they lived were alarming. Enslin recounted, “They were living in terrible conditions, and there were burglar bars on all the windows. These men had no facilities and used buckets for toilets. There were no beds, and some of them had to share blankets – if they had any.”

The decision to raid the house originated from intelligence gathered by the Germiston Crime Intelligence Unit. Officers from Germiston Crime Intelligence, the Hawks, and the Primrose SAPS executed the operation. The men received immediate medical assessments, with seven individuals requiring hospitalisation due to severe dehydration and malnutrition. The rest were accommodated at the Primrose Police Station under comfortable conditions.

Community members and local businesses in Primrose rallied to provide food and assistance, offering invaluable support. The language barrier presented an additional challenge, as many men could not communicate in English. Enslin commended the officers involved for their compassionate handling of the victims, emphasising that they were indeed victims.


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Efforts are underway to secure translators who can assist in conducting interviews with the men to gather more information about their situation.

This incident is similar to a case in Benoni where an Ethiopian and a Malawian were arrested last month for allegedly trafficking 26 Ethiopian nationals. These victims were discovered in a property on Fifth Street, Northmead, Benoni, on August 23, following a tip-off to the police.

Both cases involve individuals lured to South Africa with promises of employment but instead experienced confinement and exploitation. The properties where they were held were located in seemingly ordinary residential neighbourhoods, concealing the horrors within.

Germiston City News has sought clarification from the Hawks regarding potential links between the Benoni and Sunnyridge cases, any arrests made following the Primrose raid, charges filed against the 100+ men, the exact number of men found, the age of the youngest victim, and details about how these men were trafficked. The Hawks Gauteng had not responded to these inquiries at the time of publication. Similarly, the Primrose and Germiston SAPS have refrained from commenting on the case.


This incident underscores the importance of transparency in dealing with such heinous crimes. Caxton Local Media and the Forum of Community Journalists (FCJ) have previously raised concerns about directives restricting local SAPS spokespersons from communicating with local media. Such orders hinder transparency and compromise the vital role of community journalists in raising awareness about and combating crime and social issues within communities.

Source: Human trafficking: Men rescued from Germiston ‘prison’

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Picture: Unsplash / Hermes Rivera


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